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This blog has been created with the intention of posting online some ideas, points of view, histories, stories, tales and anything else that its creators want to write about.

The posts will be signed as from "Daedalus" or from "Uranus", therefore, differenciation will be easily noticed.

Friday, August 31, 2012

That old piano at the Uni

He sat down in front of that old piano
and started hitting the same key
over and over
he honestly expected a symphony to come out of that
sweetly naive

Although he seemed to follow a monotone
he was searching
on every pitch
on every face
on the smallest things
for news of his fate

Those missing chords
where could they be ?
trying to figure life out through an old piano ?
then he just played
The Ode to Joy
and went away

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quoi qu'il en soit

Et comme s'il avait rien à perdre
son coeur commençait à battre
on sait qu'il y a d'autres
et qu'autrement ça marche pas
mais ça bat quand même
et ça vit
et son sang coule
il crain d'être pas voulu
voulu comme il veut
voulu comme il voudrait
voulu comme il vallait
il nie aveuglément
ce destin méchant
et puis
il arriva à la conclusion
soit c'est l'histoire qui se repète
soit ça lui fait plaisir la souffrance

Information Overload

Yeah, so I decided it was about time for me to resume writing something, anything.
I have been through a lot lately and 'been accumulating so much information and feeling this huge urge to release my creativity... well, it all comes down to this old blog in the end.

I don't exactly know if I'm writing this down for art itself or just for the feeling of releaf.
On the other hand, it's hard for me to decide what to write here since internet feels so public and invasive and both bother me quite a lot.

I actually should start by boring all possible readers as I write down shit I should do.

1 - Do some yoga again

- The meditation center is no longer close to my place here, therefore I can no longer go there by foot. I would have to take the metro downtown and find out where the hell is that meditation center.
Hopefully, I won't get another personality crysis out of yoga again and will be able to put my stress and all my feelings under my command once more.

2 - Study italian

- Writing this is making me realize how stupid I am with all this "self-pity" and "self-harming" speech of "pseudo- 21st Century-depression". I mean, if I have goals, how can I possibly allow myself to feel so sad, unmotivated and pessimist ? It's stupid. Only ordinary people are meant to keep their dreams out of reality.
I mean, yesterday, I ressurrected my twitter account only to see how the same people there keep posting the same shit complaining about their plain and failing lives in order to get some fake and unsubstancial attention from their "followers".
I just feel like telling them all "Get a life !". But lately who am I to say so ? I've been ill for almost a week now and using this as an excuse for my lack of advance makes me feel close to pathetic.
Close, because pathetic is something I use to set some people as "not to follow" examples.

3 - Writing stuff here

- At last we have come to a topic where things are actually happening, haven't we ? Sweet.

4 - Inspiration and Motivation

- Well (talking to self), just look around, look at all those sad and fucked up people around you. Were you born to be like them ? Of course not, forging yourself into what you are meant to withstand the demands of your great destiny.
Destiny is a bad joke like all things related to God are. Bad, bad jokes. Still not bad enough for me to like them.
Why are you so afraid of your own success ? Fear of the unknown ? Misstrust ? Uncessessary and dangerous humbleness ? You have done it all before, ain't nothing new.

5 - Get a job

- I swear I am trying but I haven't yet come to terms of cleaning floors or serving tables for less than 300 euros per month !
In sum, I am fed up of people complaining about being unsatisfied, sad, hopeless and I am fed up of how much I am feeling like that myself too.
Sometimes, we all want to give in but we just have to move on.
People on twitter, on facebook, everywhere, they are all complaining about life and making some same jokes built up by different words on how they are screwed but still funny notwithstanding their miserable and boring life circumstances.

I should get as cunning as I once was and to read some good and always up to date Machiavelli

"Be cunning like a fox and grand like a lion"