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The posts will be signed as from "Daedalus" or from "Uranus", therefore, differenciation will be easily noticed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fantasie Impromptu

Still alive
And something burns through my veins
Something instinctive
Aggressive, dominant, hideously beautiful
I am my own rival
I cannot read your mind
I cannot decode your thoughts
micromanaging circumstances
acting in false submission
will my perfume draw your attention
so will my eyes? lips? hair? skin?
will your saliva slide down my throat?
sweetest venom, priceless victory
I am craving passionately
to see if the pieces of our puzzle will come together
will they fit?
will I despise you?
will you avoid me?
will we leave the puzzle undone?
will we dance around mechanical lights
like moths drawn to the same flame
your name is written on my wings
you are reflected on my many eyes
but I can but glimpse you
the light of my feelings is too bright
it nearly blinds me
Will I prove myself wrong trying to prove myself right?
delightful be the meantime