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Thursday, April 30, 2015

All Things Bloom in Spite of Us

You, reader, human or highly developed dolphin. Have you noticed that sometimes when you're having the shittiest day, the Sun shines in the sky and birds sing mash-ups and even bees seem to be having fun?

I think it's something between a mockery and a poetic life lesson. I mean, God must be too bored to be willing to teach us whatever without being a huge pain in the ass or without making us (especially me) cry in outraged Spanish.

Let's make a list of situations:

- you just got fired, yet there are no clouds in the sky and your closest friends are bragging about traveling to a place you've always dreamed to visit but which you won't be able to afford because you just god fired.

- or, more like me, you're in a moral hangover in the middle of spring. Your closest friends and current special one are moving abroad within a few months (or even less), you're in angst because you don't know whether you should graduate in time or take things easier... but you could just take things easier if you weren't dying to get a job and become fully financially independent, plus you don't know where the hell you're going to be two years from now, and let's just make it clear you're not the homecoming kind.

End of the list

So, to whomever it may concern, a moral hangover is very similar to the one related to alcohol. Your head aches, your stomach aches, your sleep schedules get f*cked up and so does your stamina to get through the day. Also, according  to Urban Dictionary: a feeling of intense regret and personal worthlessness.

The thing is that, notwithstanding it all, everything blossoms, blooms and perishes around you in spite of you. I may be feeling like shit, sort of stressed and feeling cast aside, but I still have to study, work, dress up, eat, do right, see my friends and be more thankful for what I do got.

There's a song I like which says something like: "If we pulled the alarm for personal matters, no trains would ever run".

So there you are, defeated, second best, looking like you got run over by a truck, all out of luck and faith in people. Maybe the flowers, rapping birds, workaholic bees, relatively warm weather and a fair bright side to things are there for a reason. Well, you, unlikely like me, might think the universe should know better and just teach those stupid lessons to someone like Paris Hilton (whose life is awesome and pretty much like my dream of living on tanning by the pool, eating sushi and traveling around more often), but instead the universe is trying to teach those lessons to you, or maybe you're just as odd as I am for thinking it works that way, or that Karma might actually exist.

In conclusion, just dust yourself off, say sashay away to your sorrow and remember pressure makes diamonds.

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